Experience counts

Roltex Świdnik: It has resulted in experience. Paweł Bożym’s company is the only manufacturer of blinds in our city.

He managed to transform his knowledge and skills into a thriving company whose products can be bought today in Świdnik, Lublin and also in Chełm.

– Roltex was established in 2008. When I came back from abroad, I had no idea what to do next. A friend ran a sales point for roller shutters, beds and mattresses in Lublin and told me to take care of the production of roller blinds. I liked the idea. At home, I dismantled the roller blind to see how it was built. I measured the width of the window, saw how the tubes were cut and slowly started to assemble everything. At the beginning I made 10, 20 pieces and sold them in a friend’s shop. Later, we stopped working and started working on our own. I found a place for my activity at ul. Kolejowa (PKP station building), I received a subsidy from the office and developed production for pleats, blinds “day night”, mosquito nets, roof blinds, thanks to which I became competitive. I currently work with seven points in which I sell my products. Three are in Lublin, one in Chełm and three in Świdnik. I have earned the trust of clients who have started to recommend me to their friends. This is very important, especially in a small town like Świdnik – says Paweł Bożym.

– What does the company offer?

– We offer measurement, and then folding the blinds and their assembly in the customer’s home. The time of order fulfillment depends on the number of blinds to be prepared. If it is to be 5, 6 pieces, we can provide the service even within 24 hours. When it comes to, for example, 30, we need at least three days. The type of material that we have to use and the type of blind are also very important. If it is on the lines, the work goes faster, but if we are to make blinds “day night” or in the case, we need more time. Our services are used not only by private individuals but also by institutions. One of such major realizations was the preparation and assembly of blinds on 220 windows in one of the kindergartens.

– Of what colors and patterns can we choose?

– We order Polish materials from Opole, Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz. We have a very large range of colors, both in terms of pleats and blinds. The materials can be decorated with stripes, gold threads, they can also have a bamboo shade. Customers choose from 400 different shades and designs, so the choice is really vast.

– Blinds, pleats, blinds. What do you recommend?

– In my opinion, we aluminum blinds are not trendy any more. Wooden blinds are quite expensive and heavy to maintain. Nowadays the most popular are blinds “day night” and pleats. Blinds look very nice in the windows and there is even no need to cover them with a curtain. In addition, if we give up the curtain, we will have the impression that the room is optically larger. Let’s also pay attention to the space in which we want to set up the blind. If it is a bathroom, choose rubberized materials, so that the fungus does not appear as a result of the condensation of water on the windows. Pleats are also a nice solution, because they develop like an accordion and can be exposed from top to bottom and bottom to top. In addition, it is easy to keep them clean.

– How can we clean them?

– If the pleat get dirty, remove them from the window, put in a bowl with water at 30 degrees, add liquid and wash. The blinds will be a bigger problem, because the material they are made of is not suitable for washing. You can wipe them with a damp cloth, but do not use any detergents. So that they do not get too dirty, it’s worth just hiding them in the boxes.

– Do blinds and pleats fit any type of window?

– Of course. Their adjustment is a matter of good measurement and imagination of the fitter. If you have half-round or round windows, you can screw in glazing beads or use hooks. For an experienced fitter, no window should be a problem. I remember that at the beginning of the activity, when I came to the customer and saw such windows, I was wondering how to do the job. It seemed impossible to me, but it was enough to measure everything, calculate it and go out well. Thanks to this, when I came across such an order again, I knew what to do. I gained experience at work.

Agata Flisiak

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